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  • By Ethan Maehl, October 1, 2014
    How can businesses derive the most value from their investment in technologies that allow customers, partners and employees to collaborate? Ethan Maehl discusses this theme of the Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Conference he attended in London 15th -16th September 2014.
  • By Valerie Alonso, September 29, 2014
    Curious about the next Windows OS version, Windows 9? What can we expect from it? Microsoft will host a special invite-only event in San Francisco tomorrow, Tuesday 30th September.
  • By Jacques Desmazieres, September 25, 2014
    No, this isn’t an article about a recent zombie game release. Rather, it’s a more serious subject concerning the quality of source code in software applications. How can we test the robustness of source code and better guarantee its quality?
  • By Kirk Havelock, September 17, 2014
    With the recent announcement of the Apple Watch, consumers are counting down its long anticipated release. We ask, how will these smart watches beat alongside the more traditional analogue models?
  • By Marius Constantinescu, July 11, 2014
    If you use Office frequently, Microsoft OneDrive could be the right cloud storage solution for you, allowing you to synchronise your files and folders to free cloud based space of 7GB or more.
  • By Xavier Bocken, July 11, 2014
    The GVA.NET User Group just went through a lively revival, thanks to member and blue-infinity employee Valeriu Caraulean. Read more about the group's experience and how you can take part.
  • By Kirk Havelock, July 10, 2014
    blue-infinity has been selected to join the Microsoft Azure Circle program, an elite group of Microsoft Partners dedicated to offering public cloud solutions that help solve today’s business challenges. Read more about how we will benefit from this strengthened partnership.
  • By Kirk Havelock, June 30, 2014
    Agile methodologies are inherently prone to poor documentation practices. In an article in the ICT journal, Pierre-Alexandre Riera explores how proper documentation helps ensure their success.
  • By Marius Constantinescu, April 2, 2014
    In this session delivered as part of the MVP Mentoring program participants are walked through this process of Client-Side rendering via a series of practical examples.
  • By Sonia Nair, March 28, 2014
    Join us for this exclusive event on Thursday 15th May 2014 in Lausanne.